Our team is experienced at working with Developers, Interior Designers and Architects. We’re committed to providing internal shading and privacy solutions, as well as creating safe and maintenance free environments.

Retail & Restaurants offer bespoke solutions for retail environments from changing room curtains for luxury shops to awnings for village boutiques. Our specialist team has a wealth of experience in designing and fitting durable curtain and blind solutions for cafes and restaurants.

We have thermal products to protect customers in any season. In Winter by creating warmth where before there was a cold draught, and in Summer by shielding the sun with our shading systems. We specialise in blinds with logos so you can advertise your restaurant on the back or front of a blind. We create thick heavy curtains for doors & entrances, which create a classic entrance.


The interior of every hotel conveys its individual atmosphere and style by combining fabric, texture and colour in a unique way. The chosen fabrics need to give more than a pleasing visual effect; they also need to be functional. They must offer solutions to the problems of noise, privacy and light control. Today’s inherently flame-retardant textiles are so far developed that the differences to conventional fabrics are hardly noticeable.


The interior styling of the office space conveys a perception of the company and its values to business associates and clients. The effects of colour, sound-absorption and light control should be given serious consideration in the work space. Employees should feel comfortable and able to concentrate on their work. We offer an extensive range of fabrics and intelligent systems, providing the designer with as much scope for creativity as they desire.


In Educational facilities strict fire regulations need to be met. Inherently flame retarded fabrics should therefore be specified. These flame-retardant textiles combine durability with contemporary designs, textures and colours. Sound absorbing fabrics are useful for areas such as assembly halls, dining rooms, and open plan classrooms.

Our professional fitting team are experienced in installing classroom blinds, hall curtains and stage tracks & curtains.


Our curtain tracks are approved to be used in NHS facilities across the UK. They have a 10 year guarantee and are produced to last. The track fits simply and is extremely durable. These tracks can be installed in doctors surgeries, hospital s and private practices across the United Kingdom.


As with all projects, you want everything done perfectly first time around. That’s why we send one of our experienced fitters to measure all your windows for you, that way we can all be sure that no mistakes are made. Following that, your project manager will then arrange for the same fitter to be on site when required to put this finishing touch to your work.


We take pride in our efficiency and ability to ensure a seamless process by offering a quick turnaround time for curtains, blinds and shutters.

Exhibition AND
Theatre Systems

When installing products into exhibition and museum areas, many factors need to be taken into account. It is necessary to consider fire safety, acoustics as well as lighting. It may be of great importance to ensure exhibition systems and exhibits are protected against the damaging effects of UV light.

Window treatments, wall and upholstery fabrics need to meet the required specifications in addition to performing a specific function.

We also make stage curtains, with quotes which can including snap hooks and heavy duty chains, pre-wrapped in lining bags to reduce friction.


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