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Located in the middle of an open plan office, our client needed a small private meeting area. We installed a bespoke track to hang divider curtains that provide privacy for the users of the meeting room and reduce the surrounding noise with the acoustic properties of the curtain.

Our design team fulfilled our client’s requirements by providing a modern solution to separate the area with curtains that doesn't take up any floor space and can be drawn or retracted with ease.
GBP ColPal


Our design team went for a geometric look - a contemporary design to suit the modern office matching the client's style. By using high quality commercial grade tracks, our curtains are easy to handle and manoeuvre around the track bends.

Project completion

July 2019


The material of this curtain is lightweight thus making it easier to care for. We chose a white base to provide light from both inside the meeting room and outside.

GBP ColPal
GBP ColPal


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