We supply the highest quality in acoustic curtains, including transparent sound-absorbent designs. They come in a variety of designs and colours to add style to this fully functional product. are experts in the sourcing and fitting of these specialist curtains for spaces including hotels and offices.


Flame retardant voile curtains are one of our key strengths. These products are found in glamorous hotels, restaurants, bars and high end events. We also supply contract voiles for our projects for luxury residential design. Our contract voiles and net curtains are made to the highest standards and are manufactured to avoid seams unless necessary.


For our contract projects we only supply our higher quality UK made tracks. We are able to offer bespoke solutions for all curtain track applications.


There are normally only a handful of pleats that most curtain designers use. Each pleat has its own specific quality, affecting the way in which a curtain will hang. We will advise you of the pleats that we feel will work best in your individual space.

Wave curtains are an alternative to conventional pinch curtains; a smooth wave effect is formed by a cord hidden within the curtain rail, allowing the fabric to gather in delicate waves adding a modern touch.


Drama is an essential part of interior design. Some rooms demand a treatment that is eye catching and assertive. Our premium collection contains a wide selection of designs. From top quality silks, velvets, and brocades, we make sure these designs deliver a lavish look. These luxury curtains are crafted into exquisite creations and can include elements such as swags, tails & goblet curtains.


There are various styles of blackout curtains available. We specialise in refurbishment schemes ranging from University Halls, Lecture Theatres, School Halls, Hospitals, Prison Cells, Hotels and Holiday Centres. We manufacture curtains and meticulously measure all windows to ensure we meet your exact requirements.


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